Game Talk

Today we will talk about the my career mode in new NBA 2k game. I don’t want to wast your time, let’s just get into the details.

The rhythm of the whole story is very fast, but the process is much longer than the previous works (the preface part is about 4-6 hours), and the content is relatively plentiful. The performance of flashbacks and episodes makes it look more structurally complete, rather than providing a quick way for players’ self-built characters to enter the NBA. Compared with the prefaces of previous generations’ career models, the prefaces of this NBA 2k20 are undoubtedly too wonderful.

The new story-line is very satisfying both in plot design and in story rhythm. The only drawback is the killing of the story in the competition. It is clear that I was 20 points ahead of my opponent in the first quarter. So I went back to the bench and drank. I was 10 points behind when I came on stage. I cut 46 points and 10 assists in a match. As a result, the scouts didn’t pay attention to me. Instead, they focused on a slag who scored only 6 points in the game. However, although the plot killing is a little contrary, it does not affect the story’s brilliance.

In terms of the mechanism of the game, the new series also has many adjustments, such as the stealing mechanism. Previous stealing systems, it is likely that the opponent clearly dribbles the ball in a defenseless state, but nothing happens when he pulls it out. The current stealing mechanism has improved the player’s judgment requirements, and the system’s judgment mechanism is more accurate. There is no movement bar in the shooting and throwing. The shooting can only rely on feeling and experience, and many empty layups will not go into the basket. In this work, lay-up and throw-up are also judged by the movement bar, and according to the different movements, the rhythm of the movement bar will also have subtle differences, so that you can completely understand why your lay-up will not go.

As a member of NBA sport games, “NBA2K20” still maintains a consistent high production level, and also brings some new things, such as dominant skills. Once a player completes certain actions continuously (for example, a few three-point point point guard in a row), he will accumulate a certain amount of energy. When the energy is full, he can directly “open up” and enter the excitement state of “ZONE” similar to basketball cartoon. What’s more, some players have found that if you use NBA 2K20 Locker Codes, you will dive into the VC zone quickly than before!

After a needle of “chicken blood”, your value will be greatly improved. For different locations, different dominant skills will bring different improvements. The three-point shooter will get the “divine shooter” to increase the shooting ability of ultra-long distance, while the interior player will get the “basket hitter”, which can enhance the ability of turning around to lay-up and European step to lay-up, so as to facilitate the interior players to score with difficult movements from the crowd. The dominant state is also limited by time, and can be procrastinated by foul tactics. So when to start, players need to judge the situation and judge calmly.

As for the problem that players have been complaining about AI’s “wisdom”, this series has also made some improvements. Many people still can’t forget the fear of being dominated by pig mates. But in this work, AI’s intelligence has greatly improved, and there has been a lot of no ball running, pick up and tear down, and rarely appeared the embarrassing situation of “one person holding the ball and four people watching the play”. Of course, AI is not infallible, but compared with the previous work, “sudden mental retardation” is much less likely.

In addition, AI is clearer than before in the way of thinking and overall view of handling the ball, and the inexplicable situation of empty catch, dribbling out of the baseline by itself and changing guards will not happen. If you get three points in a row, AI will automatically change tactics, expand defensive positions, and even start to put pressure on you in the middle of the game to prevent you from scoring three points.

Finally, I just want to say that a more solid career model is enough to make NBA 2K20 a good work! It is worth every one’s trying.

In recent years, although there are many multi-role shooting mobile games products on the market, their strong combination has not brought much surprise to players. However, there is one popular game which released for years has not decrease its popularity in the game store. Its name is Pixel Gun 3D! This multi-role shooting game with the style of hot-blooded cartoon, novel play introduction and wonderful demonstration animation, has dominate the shooting game category for a long time. It has to be said that the high-quality multi-role shooting elements has make the game success.

For a multi-role shooting game, the diversity and richness of players’ abilities are bound to play a vital role in the game’s combat experience. Therefore, at the beginning of entering the game, the author made a careful study of the players of Pixel Gun. To be honest, I was surprised by the strong team of players in this series. Although Pixel Gun 3D new version is still in the testing stage, the number of roles you can choose from has reached more than 20.

At the same time, according to their role abilities, game players can be divided into five battlefield positioning categories: sniping, reloading, guerrilla, suppression and assault, and they all have unique big, small and passive skills. Therefore, in this hot-blooded battlefield, we can enjoy the pleasure of FPS game fire spray, but also play with different players, weapons and unique skills brought about by the combat experience.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that even if the two sides choose the same team, they can still feel the different experience of the battle. Before entering the war, we can choose 3 of the 7 talent skills matching the role orientation, and the medals of talent consumed by the learning talent are free of charge from the battle, so the talent system can further differentiate the players’ abilities, and the system is not as 0 krypton as similar games on the market. The ability watershed between players and RMB fighters in the early stage. PS: before entering the battlefield formally, don’t forget to select the appropriate material skills according to the players’ positioning characteristics or their own operational preferences.

Speaking of the app purchase situation in Pixel Gun, players in the game can buy diamonds free of charge through grade supply stations or activities or passport missions. However, for the players who pursue good looking characters, they can buy Fashion fragments and other props that do not affect the role’s combat effectiveness. So in general, whether you are willing to pay or not, you will enjoy the same level playing environment in this game. But if you get lots of diamonds by Pixel Gun 3D hack, your level will far beyond many players in the game.

As a multi-role shooting game, Pixel Gun is undoubtedly the most core content of the game, and the diversified game mode, is to add a lot of color to it. This game has four game modes: trump battlefield, competitive battle, leisure play and qualifying. Competitive warfare alone can be subdivided into team warfare, stronghold occupation and hacker invasion.

If you love the front steel gun and enjoy the pleasure of killing the enemy in depth, you might as well play a big role in the team confrontation that determines the number of enemies killed; if you like to grab the occupancy point with the cooperation of teammates, you can shine in the occupancy mode of the stronghold; if you enjoy the alternation of attack and defense, develop. Now their own excellent shooting and coquettish position, then hacker intrusion is your second choice.

It has to be said that the rich and diverse game modes not only bring us diversified competitive experience, but also show the strategies among players vividly and vividly. But what I appreciate most is that players can switch roles in the game. Thanks to this mechanism, we can adjust the battlefield situation flexibly. Maybe our team is still in a situation of losing in the first moment. After adjusting the tactics of the battlefield, it will achieve a great reversal of life and death.

As a multi-role shooting game, Pixel game by virtue of its distinctive and rich variety of game characters, interesting and diversified play modes, in-game role switching mechanism with deep tactical strategies, as well as hot-blooded cartoon style and high-quality details of the game screen, presents a warm-blooded and lively game for the players.