How Sniping system works in Call of Duty Mobile?

In our opinions, sniping is the main selling point of Call of Duty Mobile, and also one of the most commonly used means of killing enemies. The sniper experience of this COD mobile game has changed a lot compared with the PC version. The most important point is that the targeting system is more dependent on the judgment of the players. The former distance compensator was cancelled and replaced by the distance scale of crosshairs in the sight. If we choose ordinary difficulty, we must first measure the distance of the enemy, and then the system will provide a reference line for bullet flight according to the distance, wind direction and wind speed to assist us in shooting.

When we are not very proficient in the early stage of the game, there may be frequent situations where bullets are wiped from the enemy’s scalp. But with the continuous improvement of sniper technology, this targeting system has become our most reliable partner, breaking the enemy’s skull is like looking for something. In addition to the close-up shot of bullets that are difficult to kill, and the brain fragments that are dismembered and splashed into the air, although such a design attaches great importance to the accumulation of shooting experience, its combat experience and the level of briskness are impressive. However, due to the weird and clumsy body movements and the less intelligent AI, the enemy in Call of Duty Mobile is like a lump of walking meat. For example, when I snipe and kill a group of enemies in the distance, they will not consider the casualties of their companions. They are all hiding in the same position. After the battle, they will see several corpses lying in the same position with the same posture. Such shortcomings discount the authenticity of the game and the challenge of sniper, and I still can’t put myself into the role of sniper.

The rewards we get for completing the mission can be used to expand and customize our weapon base in depth. If we want to build every gun in COD mobile into the most ideal killing machine, it is not enough to rely on the reward of the main task alone. The most effective way to obtain additional rewards is to complete various challenges and regional tasks. These challenges may be to let us not kill one person to steal the target object, or to use special props in the scene to kill the enemy, such as using poison gas to kill the enemy. This also allows us to experience more different playing methods of the game, and the playability of the game has been improved a lot compared with the previous one. (PS: Based on some players’ research, they found that using Call of Duty Mobile cheats is the most simple way to to get all the rewards.)

For a sniper in COD mobile game, hiding and attacking key targets is the most important task. For this reason, players need to choose the shooting time carefully, so that each bullet that hits the enemy is worth it, instead of all the enemies on the map. Only in some difficult maps, due to the existence of sophisticated equipment and weapons, let alone the soldiers with strict protection, the protagonist can be easily destroyed even by armored vehicles and helicopter gunships. This makes us in the game, more like a super fighter who loves to use sniper guns.

It is worth mentioning that there are still many problems in such map design. Although every map is open-ended design, when I wander in the map, I can clearly feel the Caton caused by scene switching. For example, if I killed some enemies somewhere, then I walked away until I felt such a katon and looked back for the killed targets, and they would disappear. This will lead to a problem: if I kill the target character and don’t search the key props on him, I will immediately leave the current scene, and the props will disappear with the corpse, leading to a checkpoint. But the good news is that developers have noticed the problem and have started to fix it.

Call of Duty Mobile didn’t make a successful turnaround, but succeeded in continuing the core sniper experience of the game, and completed some innovations on this basis. Although there are still some problems in the game at present, all kinds of high-tech accessories and auxiliary weapons can let us kill the enemy as we want. Obviously, compared with those sniper fans who are careful to move forward, the players who like to smash the fire to suppress can find more fun in this game.