Today we are going to talk about Dream League Soccer 2020. Just as you may know that many sport games have jump into new season in the coming 2020! There is no exception for Dream League Soccer game. We have play the pre-released version of DLS 2020. We will share some thoughts of playing this new game.

Let’s go back to the standard 11 player stadium, which is still the protagonist of DLS 2020, but we can’t see any substantial changes, and the friends who play together have put forward the feeling that the tempo is slow, it seems that the turn is fast, it seems that the attack is more sharp, etc., but in the end, they are all ambiguous ideas, and their subtlety probably can’t catch up with the difference of another team. The only obvious change we can feel is that the “debris” effect is added to the stadium, which is the result of the fans throwing a lot of things into the stadium. The second is that the modeling of the audience has become more refined, and the effect is really amazing with close-up occasionally.

Two interesting new ways of playing have been added to the custom rules in Dream League Soccer 2020. One is called “mysterious football”. The ball on the field will randomly provide various buffs. For example, under the accelerated buff, the running speed of players will be very abnormal, and under the shot buff, a light shot will become a super hard shot; the other is to move the “king of hills” in “battlefield” to “DLS 20”. In this mode, scores will appear randomly on the field. Players only continue to control the ball in this area, in order to accumulate points, and ultimately through the timely completion of shooting to exchange score, it is a test of players’ ability to control the ball in a small area.

These custom rules, to a certain extent, increase the uncertainty and joy of the game, so that players with different levels have the chance to make more sparks. Playing serious games for a long time, it may be good to have fun occasionally.

Career mode still provides two routes to play as players and coaches. The former pays more attention to personal growth, while the latter is to operate the whole team, that is, the “Master League” mode. Of course, there is little change in these two places, but some new versions of animation have been added in the past. Every player signed in the master league has to bargain in cafes and restaurants. Bargaining, and the team members often send e-mails to communicate with you, to help you better feel their emotions.

There is no change in the online mode. There is a “season” mode with the main hard strength, which is actually a qualifying match. There is also a “professional club” mode with the main cooperation, which allows up to 11vs11 confrontation, but usually 4v4 or 5v5. Each player can choose his own position to win with his teammates. The experience of these modes has maintained the high level of the series, and in terms of the author’s online experience, it is relatively stable, except that some games will be a little bit stuck, but rarely dropped.

The most important way to play online is of course the “ultimate team” (UT) mode in Dream League Soccer series. You can collect players by means of the open card package, including many famous historical stars. These exclusive superstars are the most attractive parts of UT mode for the author. Through the collected players, you can form the dream lineup in your heart to win the next opponent, and It’s a very fulfilling and expensive process. The most quickly way to build your own UT is buy them with money or use Dream League Soccer 2020 hack.

Dream League Soccer 2020 provides a new way to play fashion football. Although it’s not as cool as you think, it does bring some lighter and joyful experiences. It’s just the only progress of this work. The changes in other places are very small. For the players who focus on the standard field, it’s only a new data package!