pes 2020

The greatest surprise of PES 2020 is AI. This change does not mean that the players on the court become more strategic or aggressive, but more vitality and change. These improvements have nothing to do with whether a player can make dozens or hundreds of movements on the court, but face the ever-changing situation of the field, show more “human” and more in line with the current atmosphere of the game. For example, a quick and urgent jump in a two-man shovel, or various kinds of trick upper body falls, pushes, truncations and so on. In addition, many players have their own personality characteristics and the role of the stadium, these with the new AI constitute a multi-changing green ecosystem.

In PES 2020, malicious fouls, black whistles and false falls occur more frequently than ever before, sometimes even to a certain extent, affecting the results of the game. The attribute of player’s state is not obvious in the previous works, but it is deeply reflected in this work. The condition is like God’s help, even the players with worse numerical value can pass good balls and shoot world waves, while the people with slippery state will be sleepwalking, such as the forward, who will shoot the ball without necessarily scoring or passing random shots, and Bashen’s neuro-knife performance will not be less.

These changes are also like a “double-edged sword”. Although they enrich the performance of the stadium, and make the 90-minute Green Studio play full of chance, they may make you feel cold sweat or excitement to roar at any time, they also bring a lot of uncontrollable phenomena. No matter how carefully and correctly you operate, there will always be some accidents, such as uncontrolled passing, playing cards in interception, misleading acrobatics leading to missed goals and so on. This weakens the players’ control of the game to a certain extent. From the operation of “human” to the luck of “sky”. In addition, the defensive players in the restricted area hang upside down with big feet to get rid of the encirclement, seems to be expected to become a characteristic scenic line of this work.

If you spend several seasons in the Masters League, the fancy performances of teams and all kinds of “unexpected goals” on the field will make your world a new one. Some results even seem very funny. You can only wonder if Konami has gone too far on AI to hang up for these elite players.

However, Master League has also added a lot of new things in form, perfect team management, more comprehensive series of events, as well as coaches’ bystander mode, making the Master League more playful. The role of star players and special skills is much stronger than the previous works. Their growth and development must be paid attention to. In the field of “watching mood”, the more hanging up, the more guaranteed victory.

How to adapt changes

Because of the adjustment of AI, the rhythm of PES 2020 has also changed. In order to avoid all kinds of “accidents” brought about by players’ personality, you have to operate more steadily in order to better control the game. Compared with previous work, PES 2020 is a little slower in both ball speed and on the court. The inertia of players’ passing and catching balls is further improved, and the connection between low level ball and high ball is no longer as “intelligent” as before. Any careless operation may easily give the ball to the opponent.

The intensity of passing and catching the ball has also been changed to “very subtle” in this work. If you are used to the usual operation, it will probably be very difficult to adapt to the current feel, according to the spread of more long-distance, pass to distant positions that do not want to pass, according to the slow speed of small ball is easy to be truncated. In most cases, the best choice is to find a teammate Association in the safe area. Because of these changes, positional warfare and defensive counterattack have become very common choices, belonging to the “golden oil”. If you want to avoid this situation in all platforms, you should try pes 2020 hack. Some players use it to change the premium settings in the game.

Tactics basically inherited the framework of the first two works, not too many new additions, but more patches on the details of tactical implementation. Because of the remarkable improvement of star players and numerical value, the adaptability of different individuals to tactics will be a point we must consider. Strong iron guards can adapt to man-marking, pressing, and wide-ranging forward tactics, while the explosive but thin forward is obviously not suitable to return to the midfield to respond. Some tactics with high flexibility will require the offensive consciousness of the players. Some positional players are not suitable for wide range of containment and flank swap. The wrong tactics often make your players tired of running, sometimes relying on operation can not recover the decline. Knowing one’s friend is the only way to win a hundred battles, especially in this work.

PES 2020 tends to be more conservative in terms of operation and tactical changes. It hopes that players can plough deeply into various advanced operations, thus making changes in the slow rhythm, but this way seems to be too slow and hot.