TikTok App

TikTok has become more and more popular in the whole world. By June 2019, the global total users of TikTok had reached 900 million, domestic active users exceeded 250 million daily, domestic active users exceeded 400 million monthly, and user boundaries were constantly expanding, user portraits were more diversified, users were more active and frequently used. In this post we will talk about some methods that will make your TikTok account become popular.

Increase 4 Indicators in tiktok

In TikTok app, evaluation of your performance in the cold start link, mainly focus on four indicators: like, comment, forwarding, broadcast completion rate. Therefore, to get a recommendation, you have to mobilize all resources to upgrade the four indicators after your TikTok content is sent out.

  • In the tiktok content description, the user is guided to complete the actions of liking, commenting, forwarding or watching the whole content. PS: Many titkok content will be written at the beginning and end of the video description, “Must watch the whole video” in order to improve the broadcast completion rate.
  • In the video description, set up some interactive questions to guide users to leave comments and improve the comment volume.
  • By reusing user reviews, we refine the core viewpoints of video, guide more users to participate in the discussion of topics, and further enhance the comment volume.
  • Prepare wonderful comment in advance. After the video is sent out, let friends write in the comment area, and guide users to interact more around this topic, so as to improve these four indicators.

Participate in challenges

There are many ways to be popular, but the simplest and most effective way is to use the “hot challenge” function of TikTok. In TikTok, there are different challenges every day. You can judge the potential of hot topics by comprehensive comparison, and then choose the topics you think are most likely to be hot to imitate, so as to improve the probability of recommendation.

Continuous maintenance

The recommendation algorithm of TikTok sometimes “digs graves” to bring some high-quality old videos to popular page. So, for your own good quality video, you need to continue to do some like, comments, forwarding, continuous operation, maybe over time this video will be recommended.

Remember to add POI

POI is the normal information of video, and it is a distribution entrance of TikTok. POI Details Page is a content aggregation page similar to Page of Concern. Any video with this POI becomes your potential drainage channel. Enrich video information. For fans of gourmet video, POI can let them know where the store is and enrich your video content. In another word, on the basis of not reducing the original traffic flow, you create a new flow entrance for your content in tiktok. That is very helpful to increase your popularity.

Increasing the Exposure of your TikTok Content

Pay more attention to some big fans in your own field, and leave a good comment at the beginning of other user’s video push. Once his video gets popular, your comment will be praised and paid attention to together. Big fans themselves are your potential fans, and they will be continuously drained through hot reviews. Another option is to buy TikTok ads for you content. If you don’t want to buy ads, you can try tiktok followers generator to get free TikTok Followers no human verification or survey.

How to Create a Good Title of your TikTok Content

First of all, it is important to understand that under the algorithm recommendation mechanism of tiktok, a good title is not only to attract attention, but also to tell the algorithm through your headlines what kind of precise audiences should be recommended. For example, all the words and sentences in your headlines are written around the media. Of the 1,000 traffic recommended in the first wave, a larger proportion will naturally be recommended to fans who like to watch from the media type.

That’s all the methods you can try to make your tiktok account popular in the world. All in all, the core idea to get popular in tiktok is make your own high quality video content.